Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPAII)

In partnership with ActionAid, the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA II) project aims at strengthening the capacity, space and diversity of youth organizations, movements, and alliances to act, influence and advocate for increased realization and accountability for the rights, standards, and goal that duty bearers have agreed to and adopted.

The project objectives aim to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of young people, especially young women and those facing marginalization or fragility, to enjoy their rights to open and enabling democratic space and access to well-resourced programmes and public services.
  • Help young people, especially women and marginalized people, enjoy improved, sustainable livelihood through climate-accountable government and a green private sector.
  • Increased participation and skills of young people particularly young women, and their organizations, networks, and movements in youth for improved sustainable livelihood, and resilience with like-minded national and regional partners.

Inspired Youth Network (IYN) would be working with key stakeholders to improve the realization of basic human and democratic rights, spaces and improved sustainable livelihood, resilience and protection for young people, especially young women.

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